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 Display of Switces and Lamps are not shown after transferring the Screen to GP
1. The Communication to PLC has been done? Does error show?
With Error to Factor 1.
Without Error to Factor 2.
2. If you use GP70 or 77 series, is Simulation Mode operated?

Please click here for details and checks.


<1. Error displays >

  The Parts which change Displays depending on Address Condition such as Switches which change conditions with ON/OFF , Lamps, Keypads don't display if GP is not communicated to PLC.

Please check whether GP is communicate with PLC or not and whether any communication errors such as 02:FE, 02:FF, 02:FD are displayed on the bottom of the screen or not, to communication can be run normally.

<2. No error displays>

  A. Setting Confirmation of undisplayable Parts and Tags

  ・ Monochrom Type 
  When transfering to GP, there are some colors which displays and some undisplays. Please check the Screen Editor.
On Screen Editor

(White/Black Display)

      (8 colors Display)    
On Monochrom GP   White(Undisplayed)←-|-→ Black(Displayed)
(*[Reverse Display] is invalid)    
・Color Type
  Please check whether FG (Display Color) and BG (Back Color) are different or not.

  B. Multi-Link Connection

  In case of Multi-Link Connection, even if Commuication is not established, the Error message will not be displayed.

Communication will not start until Bit which is availble for Node Number is set to [Network Indormation] which you have set in [Station Setup] in Multi-Link Connection.

Please check the Multi-Link Connection Settings.

Reference: Divice Connection Manua ( devided into makers)


<3. Using GP70 or 77 series>

For GP70 series, 377 series, GP can be transfered either a simulation procotol or a communication protocol.
You can check if simulation protocol is transfered.


How to confirm

1. First of all, please switch GP to Offline Mode to display [Main Menu].

Please refer this how to switch to [Offline]


If the display[SIM-LINK] is shown on the bottom of the Main Menu, protocol of simulation has been tansfered..

Please retransfer Communication Protocol from GP-PRO/PB3.

How to retransfer Communication Protocol
1. Please click the [Transfer] icon on [Project Manager] to open [Screen Transfer] window.

Please select [Setup] from [Transfer] to display [Transfer Settings].


Please make sure to check off [Simulation] before you re-transfer.

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