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 Procedure of GP and PLC connection
I'm a supporter in Pro-face hot line center.
Thank you for using our products. I would like to introduce you the basic procedure of GP and PLC connection.

To Select the Cable

The cables and adoptor that are required are different depending on PLC and Link Units that you will connect to. therefore please confirm the cable type and the diagram before you connect. if you use wrong cable, you can not make a communication.

What is [PLC type]?

[PLC type] is settings of PLC units by GP-PRO/PB3. if you don't proper PLC type, communication error will occured and you are not able to make a communication. for instance, Mitsubishi PLC has Q series as [Melsec-Q(CPU)] which is connected directly to CPU and [Melsec-QnA(Link)] which is connected to Link Unit. If you select wrong one, communication will be errored. Please confirm the proper PLC type with Device Connection Manual.

The important point of PLC connection

If the settings of Transmission Speed, Data Length, Parity Bit, Stop Bit between GP and PLC are not matched, you are not able to make a communication by communication error. When you make communication settings, please refer Device Connection Manual and please select proper settings.


The important point when you turne the power ON

In case that GP and PLC are from one power outlet and switch them on at the same time, GP will start first. Until PLC starts completely communication error may occur such as 02:FE.

in this case, please switch GP to Offline Mode, and follow the settings as below to dely starting GP. [Defalt Settings], [ System Settings] and [Start Time].

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