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  When displaying the L-tag or Lamp Parts, they are not displayed in the selected color.
By overlapping colors, figures are sometimes displayed in the different color form the selected color. This is called the XOR Display.

For the cautions of XOR, please refer here (GP-PRO/PB3 Tag reference manual)


When using L-tag ,

  - Set [No] in [Erase Mode].
  - If you keep setting [Yes] in [Erase Mode], please consider the display color of the screen called up by L-tag will be the XOP display when setting the color.

For the combination of display colors, please refer here (GP-PRO/PB3 Tag reference manual)
When using Lamp Parts

- It occurs when using "LM_NO_BORDER" of Lamp Parts.
    In this case, it is recommended to change to "LM_SP019". "LM_SP019" has the same shape as "LM_NO_BORDER", however, the XOR display does not occur by using it.
"LM_SP019" can be selected from "Lamp Normal Parts01"(SP4-SP01.PDB).
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