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 Print out the alarm data of right to left scrolling display

It is possible to print out the Alarm Messages if your GP unit has a printer port.
As for the Alarm Message (right to left scrolling display), you can print them out at the time of Alarm Trigger and Recovery.

Connect the printer and the GP unit.
In GP-PRO/PB3 C-Package, open [GP Settings] , and select the Printer Type in the [I/O Settings] tab.

In the Alarm Editor, select [Message] in [Type]. Then, input the address and messages there.
* If you choose [Summary] in [Type], the Alarm Messages would be displayed by a-tag or Alarm Parts. To use the Alarm of right to left scrolling display, please select [Message] in [Type].

In the Alarm Editor of GP-PRO/PB3 C-Package, do the print settings of Alarm Messages.
To reflect the print settings, please put a check mark on [GP System Screen] in [Transfer Settings] when transferring the project data
For the details, please refer to “GP-PRO/PB3 C-Package Operation Manual [5.1 Creating and Editing Alarms]”.
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