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Alarm message is not displayed on Q-tag
Please check the following points.

Is the Bit Address registered in the Alarm Editor ON?

Have you registered the alarm message on [Bit Log Alarm] or [Word Log Alarm] of [Alarm Editor]?
[Have you set the [State] of [Alarm Editor] ON or OFF?
[If you set [On], alarm occurs when the bit is ON. On the other hand, if you set [Off], alarm occurs when the Bit is OFF.
Is the setting of [Display Start Line]'s value appropriate? (Check from [Q Tag Settings] dialog box→ [.Display Mode]→ [Display Start Line]). At first, set [1] and check the operation.

Is the [Size/Color] settings right? Aren't the FG color and the BG color set to be the same?

Is the PLC address registered in [Alarm Editor] right? Please place a lamp on the Base screen and check whether the bit turns ON/OFF.
In [Extended Settings] of [GP System Settings], click on [Q Tag Settings] and check if the number of [Q Tag Setting] is not set to zero.
Execute [Rebuilt] and select [Force System Setup] in [Transfer Settings]. Then, transfer the screen data to GP unit again.
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