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 What’s the difference between FP3710-T41 and FP3710-T42?

FP3710-T42(-U) is the recommended replacement model for FP3710-T41(-U).
The difference between FP3710-T41(-U) and FP3710-T42(-U) is as follows;
* It’s possible to check information on the recommended replacement models for the old models on our Web site. Please see Discontinued Items.
Display Type
TFT color LCD
1024 × 768 (XGA)
Display Colors
16,777,216 colors
Panel Cut Dimensions
W383.5 × H282.5 mm
External Dimensions
W395 × H294 × D60 mm
Keyboard I/F
USB *1
Mouse I/F
USB *1
Touch Panel I/F
For transmitting touch panel data (RS232C, USB)
USB *1
USB Ver.2.0-compliant front face × 1(Type A)
Analog RGB interface × 1, DVI-D interface × 1
Power Supply Type
European Connector Type
Backlight *2
Viewing Angle *3
Upper 75 °, Lower 65 °
Upper 50 °, Lower 70 °
*1: USB Interface
Only FP3710-T41-U and FP3710-T42-U are equipped with a USB interface.
*2: Backlight
The TFT LCD of FP3710-T41(-U) has been changed for FP3710-T42 (-U). In accordance with this change, the replacement backlight has been changed. Please take note of it. The detail is as follows;

Model: CA3-BLU15-01
Model: CA7-BLU15-01 *

*: The same replacement backlight as one of PL-3700T/PS-3710A(T42).
*3: Viewing Angle
For horizontal direction, there’s no difference in viewing angle.
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