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Otasuke FAQ's Book
Factory Gateway

 1 FAQs for getting started

Wish to do like this! What's need in such occasions?

1) Wish to use Serial Communication Instrument of each manufactures on the host PCs by programless right now
2) Wish to data exchange easily even if it is in the different models by using the set timing and the schedule/ trigger event
3) Monitoring the information easily, which is except Serial Communication Instrument, by using GP/ GLC
4) Wish to store the information by using the set timing and the schedule/ trigger event.
5) Wish to display the tanking information graphically.
6) Wish to re-create the tanking information and the time, which you want to check, as is in a picture
7) Wish to data exchanges with various applications by using OPC, DDE, and DLLAPI.
8) Monitoring both past and current status of Serial Communication Instrument
9) Monitoring via Internet.

What should I do at first?

1) Setting of IP addresses
2) Setting of Subnet Mask/ Gateway (If there is some necessity.)
3) Setting of Station number
4) Transfer of Station number.
5) Setting of Serial Communication.
6) Setting and Transfer the information of online distribution.

 2 Error Code/ Error Message Troubleshooting
There is no System Loader.
Error message list
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