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Otasuke FAQ's Book
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 Touch Panel does not function

<No response>
- Touch Panel Driver might not function properly.
Confirm the touch panel driver settings. Confirm interrupt list whether other devices are used or not.
- If no touch sound is heard, Hardware might be mulfunctioning. Please contact Local Repair Center.

<Touch registered is not the location touched>
- Wrong Calibration Settings.
Re-calibration the touch panel driver. Contact local Proface technical support if hardware requires realibration every time.
- More than 1 touch.
PL is equipped with an analog resistance touch panel. Touch panel does not activate more than one touch at one time. A location between the touched positions will respond.

<Double-click does not function>
- For double-clicking, it's necessary to click on the same place twice within a fixed time. Adjust the setting of the range of time for the 1st and the 2nd click.

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