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Otasuke FAQ's Book
 FAQ's for getting started
 How to backup the data of LS area even if it turns off the power.

1. Select [Extended Settings] tab in the [GP Settings] dialog box.

2. Click the [Backup Settings..] button.

3. The [Backup Settings..] dialog box will open, check [Backup] and specify [Backup Start Address] and [Backup Area Size] (number of Word).

LS area's [Backup Area Size]
  The number of WORD of LS area that can be backuped differs depending on a GP's SRAM sizes.

SRAM capacity
Backupable Word numbers
GP70 series
8K (8 kilo) byte
Max 2000 words
GP77R series
8K (8 kilo) byte
Max 2000 words
GP2000 series
24K (24 kilo) byte
Max 6000 words
* It's impossible to back up data straddling the special relay and the reservation area in the LS area.
* The SRAM use situation of GP can be checked with a [Project] → [Properties] → [SRAM Information] tab.

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