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 The method of keeping a scandisk out when starting Windows®9x.

Enabled OS:Windows(R)95,Windows(R)98,Windows(R)98SE

During OS operation when the power supply turns off suddenly, or the unit freezes and a reboot is applied, a scan disk might be forced to start. In the case of a panel computer, a keyboard is not connected on the site in many cases, a menu cannot be chosen, and it's impossible to proceed.
Then, it's possible to boot the unit without the starting a scan disk after making the following settings.

<How to cancel an automatic scandisk at the time of Windows abnormal shutdown.>
1. Open the file "MS-DOS.SYS" on the drive containing the system folder of Windows.
(In the case of C drive C:\MS-DOS. SYS)
The hidden file such as the system file attribute is attached to this file, please set this file to a "Show hidden files and holders" with the folder option of Explorer in advance so that all files can be displayed.
2. Please open "MS-DOS.SYS" on a memo pad etc.
There is the item of "AutoScan=1" in the section "Options".
Please change it to "AutoScan=0" and save it with overwrite.
3. Please reboot the unit.
A scan disk will not start automatically from the time of the next Windows forced shutdown.

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