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Otasuke FAQ's Book
 Useful settings with PL-TD000(UPDD) touch-panel driver.

[Adjustment setup] is found in [Start]-> [Program]-> [UPDD] folder] of the Windows menu.

1. Touch sound is absorbed.
Select [Settings] ,Please remove the check of the "Sound" in an "Advanced" tab.

2. Only the right half of the screen is touch-recognized.
Select [Devices] from [Settings]. Please click [Modify] button and set the segment range to a right half.

3. Wish to right-click a mouse by touch.
Select [Event] in a [UPDD] folder.Whenever you click the event selector window which has started, touch operation changes from a right-click to left-click operation.

4. Wish to erase the icon of the touch (icon group at the lower right of screen) driver in a permanent residence application icon.
Select [General] from [Settings]. Please remove a check of "Show icons in system tray".

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