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 What is a GP-Viewer EX setup file?

A GP-Viewer EX set up file is a file that saves information of the server destination or performance information of GP-Viewer EX. It allows you to open the file with the same display contents as the last time you opened it. The file starts up faster than "New Connection" because the screen data, which is saved in the PC, is cached.
Saving Setup File
1. From the [File] menu, select [Save As].
2. The [Save As] dialog box appears. Specify [Save in] and [File name], and then click [Save].
(e.g.: graph_test.GPVE)
- Enter a location up to 200 characters for saving setup files.
- When there are changes made in the setup file, a save prompt message appears.
Opening Setup File
1. In the destination, a setup file and a folder which includes screen data, etc. are saved. The folder name is same as the setup file.
(e.g.: test.GPVE, test.PRXD)
2. Double-clicking the setup file (****.GPVE) starts server connection using the same status again.
- Select [Open file] from the [File] menu, and a dialog box will appear. Specifing the saved file in [Connect with a file] allows you to open the file.
- If the location for saving the setup file exceeds 200 characters, an error message appears and the setup file cannot be opened. Move the setup file to a path that contains no more than 200 characters.
- When you [Save] a new file or change a save location for project file information using [Save as], a message appears and the screen display is reset and saved. Display of the Data Block Display Graph is creared. The sub-display of alarm history may change display status.

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