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 When touch-screen operator interface is connected to multiple devices, how can you reduce work of  creating a screen?

Using the Indirect Device feature allows you to make communication with multiple connected devices with a screen or parts of GP-Pro EX.
It’s not necessary to create a screen or parts for each connected device and it’s possible to reduce man hours of creating a screen and volume of screen data.

* Multiple-Device Connection supports PLC and Inverters.
* Only when the same maker and series is used, multiple-device connection can be used. For details, see Device/PLC Connection Manual.
- For using the Indirect Device feature, GP-Pro EX Ver. 2.7 or later is required.
GP-Pro EX Upgrade Service

- Only when a communication driver of the same maker and series is used, this setting is possible.
You can add up to 64 indirect devices to a driver.
For connected devices, refer to Device/PLC Connection Manual.

- When using LT3000 series, ST3000 series, or GP-3200 series unit, setting up indirect device reserves 1MB of the screen area for this feature.
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