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 Serial multilink communication settings

The following is an example of the system settings for connecting two displays via multilink communication.
Setting description
  Setting Item
  Station Number *1
  Communication(Storage Adress)*2
*1: Set a unique station number (0 to 15) for each display.
*2: Set the same device name and address for each PLC, but do not use the default address used in the system data area.
The storage address format varies depending on the external device being used.
Setting Procedure
1. <GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.0 or later>   <GP-Pro EX Ver. 2.7 or earlier>
  In the [Project Window] of the Work Space, select [Display Unit].   In the [System Settings] window of the Work Space, select [Display Unit].
2. Select the [System Area] tab and check [Enable Multilink].
The Multilink setting is available only when a driver that supports the multilink connection is selected.
3. Set the [Station Number] and [Communication] as follows.
4. Customize the multilink settings as necessary. Click the [Customize] button and set the [Operation Priority], [Monopolize Touch Panel], and [Cancel Monopoly After] in the Customize setting box.
For the details of the Customize settings, see Customize Function.
5. Set the communication for the display unit.
For the details, see GP-Pro EX Device/PLC Connection Manual.
6. Transfer the setting data to the Display 1.
7. Repeat the procedures 1 to 6 and transfer the data to the Display 2.
The MultiLink setting and the Customize setting can also be set in the display unit's Offline mode. Go to the Offline mode and select [Main Unit Settings] -> [System Area Settings] -> [MultiLink Setting].
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