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GP-Pro EX Limited Edition (Trial Version) can be downloaded here.

To upgrade the GP-Pro EX Limited Edition to a fully functional version, the purchase of a GP-Pro EX license (Model No.: PFXEXEDLSxx) is required to register a serial number and key code for use of the software.

For the information on the purchase of the GP-Pro EX license, please contact the nearest Pro-face office.

Please refer to the following to upgrade to Ver. 2.7.
1. Confirm your serial / key code for your copy of GP-Pro EX.
  After starting GP-Pro EX, choose 「Version Information (A)」 from 「Help (H)」.
 The screen of version info will be displayed, confirm the serial / key code.
2. Choose and click one you confirm out of the following versions.
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