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File Name Pro-ServerV412.exe
File Size 2,509KB
Applicable Version Pro-Server with Pro-Studio Ver. 4.1
Description Module for updating Pro-Server to Ver. 4.12
1. "Automatic Upload/Download of GP Filing Data" Action feature now supports CSV files.
2. It is now possible to show/hide the System Time Bar displayed in Data View (Device View/GP-Viewer)
3. GLC System Variable Symbols can now be set as either Show or Hide.
4. Add the on/off(1/0) button in the Device Monitor Write dialog box.
5. Add the "Address Hold" feature. Using this feature, the Device Address Write dialog box does not move to the next Device Address when a value is entered in Device Monitor Write dialog box and the enter button is pressed.
6. VB.NET samples are now available.

Module Installation (This is a self-extracting file)
Confirm that Pro-Server with Pro-Studio for Windows Ver. 4.1 is installed in your PC.
Since this software update module only overwrites the modified sections of the program (a portion of the program), do not uninstall Pro-Server with Pro-Studio for Windows Ver. 4.1. from your PC.
Be sure to quit Pro-Server before installing this module.

Installation Procedure
1. Click on the link "Pro-ServerV412.exe" in the box above to download the file to the desired folder.
2. After the download is completed, double-click on the "Pro-ServerV412.exe" file to start installation.
Follow the installer program's directions.
4. When installation completes successfully, the dialog box "It succeeded in the making a setup" appears.
5. Start up Pro-Server.exe.
Right-click on the Task Tray's [VERSION INFO (Pro-Server)] icon. Check that the version number displayed in the dialog box is Ver. 4.12.
* The version number displayed in the Windows [Control Panel | Application Add/Delete] dialog box remains unchanged.

1) When a Project file has been edited as in the following example, symbols can NOT be used on the GP unit's screen after Pro-Studio's [C-Package Symbol Import] has been performed:
- After all GP-PRO/PBIII C-Package special protocol symbols have been deleted, the same symbols are again added to the project and the project file saved without changing/updating the screen used.
  Solution: After changing a screen's symbol data, be sure to make a change in the actual screen data before saving. This will allow the Import feature to be used.

2) When the network project Provider information's size is from 59500 to 61440 bytes:
Sending Provider information to the GP unit results in a "size overflow" error, even though no error occurs when the Provider data is checked.

Solution: The file size at transfer time is the true maximum file size. Therefore, tune the Provider information until this error stops.

- "Write Data to Excel book" action.
- "Upload of GP Log Data" action (for template file selection)
- "Automatic Upload of GP Filing Data" action (for save destination selection)
- "Automatic Download of GP Filing Data" action (for download file selection)
  If the media used in the drive you have selected using any of the above feature's drive selection combo boxes does not exist (Ex. selecting a floppy disk drive where no floppy disk is inserted) This will, in turn, display a dialog box, and the desired Action cannot be registered. Also, the data setup dialog box will not be displayed.

Solution: Restart Pro-Server.

Last Updated: January.22, 2002
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