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LT Editor Version Check
Confirm your software version using the following steps:
[Project Manager] --> [Help] --> [About]

LT Unit System Version Check
<Type A, B, B+ Units>
Confirm your hardware version using the following steps:
(After calling up the OFFLINE mode menu bar)
[OFFLINE] --> [INITIALIZE] --> [PLC SETUP] --> [PLC SETUP], After this, "Ver.1.45" should appear in the left lower corner of the screen.

<Type C Unit>
Confirm your hardware version using the following steps:
(After calling up the OFFLINE mode menu bar)
With Type C units the version displayed will depend on the PLC selected.
Mitsubishi Electric FREQROL Series Ver.1.44 Yokogawa M&C FACTORY ACE 1:1 Ver.1.50
Fuji Electric Inverter Ver.1.42 Yokogawa M&C FACTORY ACE 1:n Ver.1.50
RKC CB/SR-Mini Series Ver.1.42 Memorylink SIO Type Ver.1.46
File Name LogiTouchV104.exe
File Size 18,248KB
Table of Contents LT Editor Ver. 1.04 Modifications
Version LT Editor Ver. 1.0 , Ver. 1.02 , Ver. 1.03
The following issues have been corrected.
- When used continuously for long periods of time, LT Series Type A, Type B, Type B+, model's screens will freeze(lock) and all touch keys will not work.
- When using the portrait display type the bitmap conversion may not be correct.
- The UT150 Series indicating controller supports Yokogawa FACTORY ACE 1:1 and 1:n communication.
- Updates the latest versions of RKC Instrument's CB/SR-Mini Series, Mitsubishi Electric's FREQROL Series, Fuji Electric's inverters, and Memorylink SIO Type.
Extracting (Opening) the file (This is a self-extracting file.)
1. Click on the file "LogiTouchV104.exe" in the above box to download data to a desired folder.
2. After downloading is finished, double-click the "LogiTouchV104.exe" file to open it.
3. Follow the instructions given by the installation program.

If you have problems downloading any of the above files,please contact your local Pro-face distributor.

Update History:
[Ver. 1.03 Update Contents]
Last updated June.28, 2001
1. The following issues have been corrected.
- When copying and pasting Filing Data from the Filing List, the verification of the internal memory capacity may not be correct.
- After performing the CSV import of the Filing Data, the control display may become strange.
- When adding alarms and an error occurred, the English error messages may not be displayed.
- Nested D-Script functions may not perform within D-Scripts and Global D-Scripts.
- When "Preparing" the project within the Transfer feature, an undefined address error may occur.
- When printing D-Scripts or Global D-Scripts to an RTF file, the program might unexpectedly shut down.
- After importing alarm's CSV data that was modified in Excel, the contents of the address might change.
- When rotating grouped drawing objects, all objects might be shifted by 1 dot.
- If using a symbol for the D-Script's trigger, and then performing the Address Conversion feature, the symbol might be converted to its address.
- For Address Conversion of D-Script, the inputted address with fewer zeros may not be correctly converted.
ex.) When using OMRON THERMAC NEO Series, [b:01/C0001000] can be converted, but [b:01/C001000] cannot be.
- For the Cross Reference of D-Script, the inputted address with fewer zeros may not be shown correctly.
ex.) When using OMRON THERMAC NEO Series, [b:01/C0001000] and [b:01/C001000] are displayed as different addresses.
- Cross Reference of D-Script may not be able to be printed.
- GLC symbols that was set in "D-Script" will be shown as #C# when using the "Global Cross Reference List" feature.
- "D-Script" functions that was copied from another project via the "Screen Copy" feature, and then transferred to a GP, cannot be uploaded.
- When using the system variable #Screen, screen change may not function properly.
- When importing symbols, the "confirm to overwrite" dialog will be hidden in the back.
- When uploading, even when overwriting the currently opened project, the logic part will not be saved.
- When changing only the value of the timer, counter, scan time, or WDT (watch dog timer) and transferring the project from the Project Manager, the value that was changed might not be reflected.

2. Support for the following items/features were added.
- LT Series Type B+
- 32-point input/output (Sink Type) [ FN-XY32SK41 ]
- 32-point input/output (Source Type) [ FN-XY32SC41 ]
*FN-XY32SC41 support is due soon.
- Single-axis Positioning unit [ FN-PC10SK ]
- I/O variable import/export

[Ver. 1.02 Update Contents] Last updated November 16, 2001
The following issues have been corrected.
- Logic program file name change to noname
With a newly created control project file, after changing to the Monitoring Mode, edited logic programs could not be saved.
- Incorrect text replacement
When having used the "Replace" function to change text strings, the texts could not have been replaced correctly.
- Save Data? message with an unmodified logic program file
Prior to changing to Monitoring Mode, data save confirmation has appeared for unmodified logic programs.
- Changing to Monitoring Mode causes data upload
When having switched to Monitoring Mode, upload of the logic program has been performed automatically.
- Data transfer error
Depending on a type of PC used, when the data transfer was performed from the Program Manager, an error for transferring logic program data may has occurred.

Last Updated : August.19.2002
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