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SP5000 Series

SP5000 Series Update >SP5000 Series Advanced Display Firmware > How to update

  1. Download "SP5000 Series Advanced Display Firmware" to an appropriate folder.

  2. Double-click the downloaded file.

  3. Select "Yes".

  4. Press "y" to start update.
    If the firmware has already been upgraded, a screen 6 will be displayed.

  5. The display module update screen will be displayed, click "OK" to start updating the firmware.
    Time takes about 1 minute for update. After update complete system will be restarted automatically.
    Don't turn off the power while updating.
    If the power is turned off, it can result in equipment damage.

  6. If the firmware has already been updated, this screen will be displayed.
    After updating is complete it is possible to check for updates by execute this tool again.

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