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 How to use the designated image for the data display
You can design or decorate the data display with the image (BMP, JPG, DPD, PNG files) that you have arbitrarily prepared at users' end.

1. Paste the image on the base screen.

2. Double-click the data display that you would like to use for the image to open the setting dialog box. Check on [No Shape].

3. Select the [Alarm/Color Settings] tab. Designate [Numeric Value Color] and [Plate Color] that matched to the image. Click [OK (O)].

4. Place the data display, that has been pasted on the base screen, on the image.

5. If the data display is behind the image, right-click it to select [Order (O)] and then [Bring to Front (T)].

6. To arrange the positions of the data display and the image, select both by mouse and right-click to select [Place/Align (A)] and then [Align Center (Horizontal) (C)] and [Align Center (Vertical) (M)].

7. In case to use them as one part, right-click to select [Group (G)], and then [Group (E)].

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