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 Measures to be taken when Pro-Server EX manual cannot be displayed successfully
Clicking [Help] on the Pro-Studio EX menu bar enables you to open [Reference Manual], [Device/PLC Manual] and [Hardware Manual]. Selecting the targeted item starts the operation to open the PDF file on Internet Explore, but the manual may not be displayed successfully.
Phenomenon Preventive Measure
  (A)Manual will not run. (Manual files will not open) Preventive Measure( i )
  (B) Specifid link page is not opened. Preventive Measure( ii )
  (C) A blank page is displayed.
  (D) [File Download] dialog box appears.
  If three phenomena shown in (B), (C) and (D) or the other phenomena occured and the manual cannot be displayed successfully, try all of the meaasures shown in Preventive Measure ( ii ).
 Phenomenon (A) Manual will not run. (Manual files will not open.)
  Phenomenon 1
  When you try to run the manual, an error dialog box below is displayed and the manual will not open.
 Preventive Measure (i)

Update the Pro-Server EX Reference Manual.Follow the procedures below.

  1. Select [Confirm Update of Pro-Server EX Developer] from the [Help] menu of the Pro-Studio EX.

2.Available updates for your computer are searched via the Internet.
Check [Pro-Server EX Ver. *.** English Manual (*.**.***)], then click [Next] to install.

  3. After completing the installation, the dialog box "The setup was completed." will be showed. Click [OK].
  4. The dialog box "Installation of update modules is complete." will be showed. Click [Complete] to close.
 Phenomenon (B)
  Phenomenon 1
  When you try to display the linked page of the manual from the Internet Explore window (e.g the Pro-Server EX Reference Manual's Table of Contents site), the specified linked page is not opened but the 1st page of the targeted chapter or the previously-opened page in the same chapter is opened.
  Phenomenon 2
  When you click the 2nd page of the targeted chapter on the Reference Manual's Table of Contents site, the blank page appears.
  Phenomenon 3
  Whenever you click the Reference Manual's Table of Contents site, the dialog box asking if the file is downloaded appears. The manual cannot be displayed until you click [Open] on the dialog box.
 Preventive Measure (ii)
  When the aforementioned display error occurs to the PC, take all the three measures shown below.

- Before taking the measures, confirm that Pro-Server EX has already been installed in the PC.
- The step (3) below (Updating the Windows®) must be taken at the very end of three measures.

  Preventive Measure 1 <Uninstalling and Re-installing Adobe Reader>

When the manual is opened from Internet Explorer and Adobe® Reader® Ver. 7.0.5 or higher internally starts up, the error such as Phenomenon 1 has been found, as of November, 2005. Replace the Adobe® Reader® with the last version by following steps. Ver. 6.0.2 and higher are recommended.

The environments where network connection is available are required.

  (1) Uninstall all Adobe® Reader® (including "Acrobat"). From the [Start] menu, select [Settings] and then [Control Panel]. Use [Add/Remove Programs] to remove all Adobe® Reader® (including "Acrobat").
  (2) Open Adobe Systems Incorporated Website. (
  (3) Click "Choose a different version".
  (4) Select an operating system, a version, and a language. Then click [Continue].
  (5) Select "Adobe Reader 6.0.1", and click [Download Adobe Reader].
  (6) Start up the installed Adobe® Reader® and update it to Ver. 6.0.2 from Help Menu.
  Preventive Measure 2 <Checking Internet Explorer Version>
  (1) Update the version of Internet Explorer to Ver. 6.0 or later.
   Preventive Measure 3 <Updating Windows®>

This measure must be taken at the very end of three measures.
The update program is supplied which is suitable for the environments where Pro-Server EX, Preventive Measure 1 and 2 are executed.

  (1) Update the Windows and Reboot your computer. From the [Start] menu of your computer, click the [Windows Update] site for update.
  (2) Click the [Express] button (Express: Get high-priority updates (recommended)) on the "Microsoft Update" screen. Then, click the [Install Updates] button to keep your computer up to date.
  (3) Clicking the [Restart Now] button reboots your computer and displays the manual successfully.
When the manual is opened from Internet Explorer and Adobe® Reader® (including "Acrobat") internally starts. We recommend Ver. 6.0 or later for this time. When you view the manual from Internet Explorer where Adobe Acrobat 5.0 internally starts, select [Edit] -[Preferences.] - [Options] in this order. Then, uncheck the [Allow Fast Web View] checkbox in the [Web Browser Options] field and click [OK].
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