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 Measures to be taken when GP-Pro EX manual cannot be displayed successfully
Clicking [Help] on the GP-Pro EX menu bar enables you to open [Reference Manual], [Device/PLC Manual] and [Hardware Manual]. Selecting the targeted item starts the operation to open the PDF file on Internet Explore, but the manual may not be displayed successfully.
  If Phenomenon 1 to 3 or other error phenomenon on manual display occurs, take all the three preventive measures as shown below.
  Phenomenon 1
  When you try to display the linked page of the manual from the Internet Explore window (e.g the GP-Pro EX Reference Manual's Table of Contents site), the specified linked page is not opened but the 1st page of the targeted chapter or the previously-opened page in the same chapter is opened.
  Phenomenon 2
  When you click the 2nd page of the targeted chapter on the Reference Manual's Table of Contents site, the blank page appears.
  Phenomenon 3
  Whenever you click the Reference Manual's Table of Contents site, the dialog box asking if the file is downloaded appears. The manual cannot be displayed until you click [Open] on the dialog box.
 Preventive Measure
  When the aforementioned display error occurs to the PC, take all the three measures shown below.

- Before taking the measures, confirm that GP-Pro Ex has already been installed in the PC.
- The step (3) below (Updating the Windows®) must be taken at the very end of three measures.

  Preventive Measure 1 <Uninstalling and Re-installing Adobe Reader>

When the manual is opened from Internet Explorer and Adobe® Reader® Ver. 7.0.5 or higher internally starts up, the error such as Phenomenon 1 has been found, as of November, 2005. Replace the Adobe® Reader® with the last version by following steps. Ver. 6.0.2 and higher are recommended.

The environments where network connection is available are required.

  (1) Uninstall all Adobe® Reader® (including "Acrobat"). From the [Start] menu, select [Settings] and then [Control Panel]. Use [Add/Remove Programs] to remove all Adobe® Reader® (including "Acrobat").
  (2) Open Adobe Systems Incorporated Website. (
  (3) Click "Choose a different version".
  (4) Select an operating system, a version, and a language. Then click [Continue].
  (5) Select "Adobe Reader 6.0.1", and click [Download Adobe Reader].
  (6) Start up the installed Adobe® Reader® and update it to Ver. 6.0.2 from Help Menu.
  Preventive Measure 2 <Checking Internet Explorer Version>
  (1) Update the version of Internet Explorer to Ver. 6.0 or later.
   Preventive Measure 3 <Updating Windows®>

This measure must be taken at the very end of three measures.
The update program is supplied which is suitable for the environments where GP-Pro Ex, Preventive Measure 1 and 2 are executed.

  (1) Update the Windows and Reboot your computer. From the [Start] menu of your computer, click the [Windows Update] site for update.
  (2) Click the [Express] button (Express: Get high-priority updates (recommended)) on the "Microsoft Update" screen. Then, click the [Install Updates] button to keep your computer up to date.
  (3) Clicking the [Restart Now] button reboots your computer and displays the manual successfully.
When the manual is opened from Internet Explorer and Adobe® Reader® (including "Acrobat") internally starts. We recommend Ver. 6.0 or later for this time. When you view the manual from Internet Explorer where Adobe Acrobat 5.0 internally starts, select [Edit] -[Preferences.] - [Options] in this order. Then, uncheck the [Allow Fast Web View] checkbox in the [Web Browser Options] field and click [OK].
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