* GP-PRO European edition is not available on this website. For further information, click here.
 GP-Pro EX
GP-Pro EX Update Module
Transfer Tool / Version Reverter
Communication Drivers
  * To the customers who use GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.00 or later and the screen project files changed to earlier versions
- PLCs
- Temperature Controllers
- Inverters
- Servo
- Industrial robot
- Edge Sensor
- Mass Flow Meter
- Burner Controller
- Cloud
- CANopen Connection
- CC-Link Connection
- DeviceNet Connection
- PROFIBUS Connection
- Digital Electronics Corporation Internal Device Driver for No Connection
Device Data Copy Tool
Mouse Emulation Software Download
- WinGP SDK Update Module
GP-Viewer EX
PLC Ladder Monitor
GP-PRO/PBIII C-Package Update Module (Service Pack)
GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows Update Module
Communication Drivers
- PLCs
- Temperature Controllers
- Inverters
- Analyzer
USB Data Transfer Cable (GPW-CB03)
GP Series Add-on Software
GLC Series Add-on Software
Flex Network Driver Download (Otasuke Pro! membership is not needed for this download.)
 Pro-Server EX
Pro-Server EX Update Module
OPC Server for Pro-Server EX Add-on Software
MES Action Add-on Software
 Pro-Server with Pro-Studio
Pro-Server with Pro-Studio Update Module
GP-Web Update Module
GP-Viewer Update Module
Factory Gateway Add-on Software
Pro-Designer Update Module
SP5000 Series Update Module / Utility
 Multi-Converter (Multi-Data Box) for FANUC CNC
Multi-Converter for FANUC CNC Update Module / Utility
LT Internal Device (LT Driver)
 LT Editor
LT Editor Update Module
 Free Software
System File Backup / Recovery Tool
Additional Language Installer for XP Embedded
Remote Shutdown
MS-DOS Touch Panel Communication Program
XP Embedded CF card backup/recovery tool
Transfer Tool / Version Reverter (for GP-Pro EX)
PC Transfer Tool (for GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows / C-Package)
RGB Input Unit (for GP3000 Series)
Performance Analysis Tool (for Pro-face IoT Gateway)
 Panel Computers
PS5000 Series
PS4000 Series
PE4000B Series
PL-X930 Series
PL-X920 Series
PL-X900 Series
PL3000 Series
PL-5900 Series
PL-5910 Series
PS Series Type-A
PS Series Type-B
PS Series Type-G
FP5000 Series
FP Series
 Seminar Textbook
GP3000 Series
GP2000 Series
English Thai
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