ST Series
Universal Model# (Global Codes)
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Related Software

Product NameModel No.Description
Screen Editor and Logic Program
Development Software
GP-PRO/PBIII C-Package03
Requirement of the transfer cable



Product NameModel No.Description
Screen Data Transfer Cable GPW-CB02 *1 Connects the ST to a personal computer.
Transfers screen data and user program(s).
Screen Data Transfer Cable
(USB type)
GPW-CB03 *1
RS-232C cable *25m CA3-CBL232/5M-01 Interface cables between the host (PLC) and the ST.
RS-422 cable *25m CA3-CBL422/5M-01
Omron PLC SYSMAC Series
Link Cable
5m CA3-CBLSYS-01 Connects Omron PLC SYSMAC Series unit (or other host controller) to the ST. (RS-232C)
Mitsubishi PLC A Series
Connection Cable
5m CA3-CBLA-01 Connects Mitsubishi PLC A Series programming console I/F to ST.
Mitsubishi PLC Q Series
Connection Cable
5m CA3-CBLQ-01 Connects Mitsubishi PLC Q Series programming console I/F to ST.
Mitsubishi PLC FX Series
Connection Cable
1m CA3-CBLFX/1M-01 Connects Mitsubishi PLC FX Series programming console I/F and ST.
(Simultaneous use of programming console is not possible.)
5m CA3-CBLFX/5M-01


Maintenance Option

Product NameModel No.Description
Screen Protection Sheet ST400-DF01 *1 Disposable, dirt-resistant sheet for the ST's screen.
The ST's touch panel can be operated with this cover sheet attached. (5 sheets/set)
Installation Fastener CA3-ATFALL-01 Fasteners to attach the ST to a panel (4 fasteners/set)
Installation Gasket ST400-WP01
(Last Order: 2023/4/28)
Provides a moisture resistant seal when installing the ST
Attachment CA4-ATMST-01 *1 When replacing from GP-230/250/270 Series, can be the spacer for the panel face clearance.
Power Supply Connector CA5-DCCNM-01 Connector for attaching power supply (1 pcs)
  1. These option/maintenance products were discontinued/ will be discontinued.
    Please refer to the "Discontinued Items" page. (Option / Software)
  2. Certain types of PLCs cannot be connected.