System Recovery

To restore the system, recovery media is required. Purchase the optional Recovery USB (PFXYP6RUSW10) or prepare the USB device used to back up your system.

  • The optional recovery USB recovers the operating system only. If you require backup in addition to recovery of the operating system, refer to Backup.

  • When HORM is enabled or immediately after hibernation, system backup or recovery will not run properly. Perform system backup or recovery after first disabling HORM and then shutting down the product.

  1. Insert the recovery media to this product.
  2. Turn on the product.
  3. While the boot screen is displayed, press the [F7] key.
  4. Enter the password (default password: Pw#12345).
  5. Select the recovery media name.
    NOTE: For the optional recovery USB, the name starts with "UEFI". (The name below is for reference only.)
  6. If you recover the system with the optional recovery USB, select OK. If you recover the system with your backup USB, select Restore > OK.

    When using the optional recovery USB

    When using your backup USB

  7. Select the disk to recover. If there is only one storage, the following screen does not appear and skip to step 8.
  8. In the confirmation screen, select OK.
  9. Recovery begins.
  10. After recovery is complete and the following screen is displayed, remove the recovery media from the product and select either Restart or Shutdown.

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