After product setup, backing up the system is recommended. Prepare a commercially available USB memory to create a backup USB.

NOTE: When HORM is enabled or immediately after hibernation, system backup or recovery will not run properly. Perform system backup or recovery after first disabling HORM and then shutting down the product.
Creating the backup USB
  1. Prepare a commercially available USB memory.
  2. Set up the USB with the Restore and Back-up Tool. Download RecoveryUSB_Ver** from our website and follow the instructions on the website to set up the USB.
  3. Insert the USB memory set up with the Restore and Back-up Tool into the product.
  4. Turn on the product.
  5. While the boot screen is displayed, press the [F7] key.
  6. Enter the password (default password: Pw#12345).
  7. From the following screen, select the USB memory.
  8. Select Backup > OK.
  9. Select the disk to backup. Only C drive can be backed up. If there is only one storage, the following screen does not appear and skip to step 10.
  10. Specify the file name and save destination.
  11. In the confirmation screen, select OK.
  12. Backup begins.
  13. After backup is complete, the following screen is displayed. Remove the backup USB from the product, and then select Restart or Shutdown.

    To restore the system, refer to System Recovery.

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