Deleting RAID settings

NOTE: Changing from RAID to AHCI causes all existing data to be erased.
  1. Turn on the product.
  2. While the boot screen is displayed, press either the [DEL] or [ESC] key.
  3. Enter the password (default password: Pw#12345).
  4. The BIOS screen is displayed.
  5. From the Advanced tab, select Intel® Rapid Storage Technology.
  6. Select the volume that has RAID set up.
  7. Select Delete.
  8. Select Yes.
  9. Press the [ESC] key to return to the BIOS tab selection screen.
  10. Select SATA Configuration.
  11. Select SATA Mode > AHCI .
    NOTE: If the configured RAID does not include the operating system, perform steps 13 and 14 to complete this operation.
  12. Insert recovery media.
  13. Press the [ESC] key to return to the BIOS tab selection screen, and select the Save & Exit tab.
  14. Select Save Changes and Reset > Yes .
  15. While rebooting, press the [F7] key.
  16. For subsequent steps, continue from step 4 of the System Recovery procedure. Refer to System Recovery.

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