Book Mounting

Book mounting requires an optional book mount adapter.

Book mount adapter for Advanced Box: PFXYP6ADBMA
Book mount adapter for Standard Box: PFXYP6ADBMS

Installation procedure

  1. When attaching the side of the Box Module to the panel, use A; when attaching the top of the Box Module, use B.
  2. Remove the screws attached to the product (4 pieces), then use the screws for the book mount adapter to attach it to the product. When attaching to the top of the product, attach the B book mount adapter so that the protruding part faces the product.
  3. Install the product to the panel or wall with M4 screws (4 pieces).
    • The necessary torque is 1.5 N•m (13.3 lb-in).

    • When installing on the side of the product, the interface side (the bottom of the product) must be facing downward.

    • When installing on the top of the product, the power connector must be at the top.

    • To prevent abnormally high temperatures from occurring inside the product, mount the product completely vertically.

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