16DI/8DO DO Output State Setting

Using the 16DI/8DO utility, you can select to keep or reset (force OFF) the DO output states of the 16DI/8DO interface when shutting down or putting to sleep (S3, S4, S4 [hybrid shutdown], S5) the operating system.
  1. Download 16DI/8DO Utility from the following URL.
  2. Extract the download file.
  3. Close all applications that use the 16DI/8DO interface.
  4. To change the setting, the 16DI/8DO interface requires firmware version 1.5.1 or later. Run DIDO_Check_Ver.bat to check the version.
  5. The following command prompt screen is displayed.
    Version 1.5.0 or earlier: "Need to Update" is displayed.

    Version 1.5.1 or later: The current setting is displayed.

    • If both Slot 1 and Slot 2 are equipped with 16DI/8DO interfaces, identifies the version for each slot.

    • The default setting is Keep (retentive).

  6. Close the command prompt screen.
  7. Right-click the desired configuration .bat file and select Run as administrator. If both Slot 1 and Slot 2 are equipped with 16DI/8DO interfaces, the same setting is applied to both slots.

    DIDO_Set_Reset.bat: Forces the DO output states OFF during operating system shutdown or sleep.

    DIDO_Set_Keep.bat: Keep the DO output states during operating system shutdown or sleep.

  8. If the firmware version is 1.5.0 or earlier, the setting is changed after the firmware is automatically updated to version 1.5.1 or later. For version 1.5.1 or later, only configuration change is executed. The image below illustrates the update with 1.5.0 or earlier.
    • It takes about one and a half minutes to update the firmware.

    • Never turn off the power while updating the firmware.

  9. Close the command prompt screen and exit.

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