Pro-Server EX Ver.1.3 Reference Manual

Thank you for purchasing the Data Management Software Pro-Server EX. This manual describes Pro-Server EX operation procedures and details for features.Please read this and all related manuals carefully in order to use this software properly.

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When linking to the PDF file from Internet Explorer using Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, a message displays on the Information Bar.To open the PDF manual, click the message displayed on the Information Bar, and then select [Download File].
This manual describes safety symbols and terms for the correct and safe operation of Pro-Server EX.Read carefully this manual and all related manuals to understand the correct operation and features of Pro-Server EX.
Touch panel switches should NOT be used to make a switch that could result in human injury or equipment damage.Trouble with the GP main unit, units, and cables which keeps the output ON or OFF could result in a serious accident.An output signal that could result in a serious accident must be equipped with a monitoring circuit such as a limiter.Also, the system must be designed for important actions to be conducted from a device other than the GP main unit,to prevent an accident due to false output or malfunction.
Touch panel switches should NOT be used for a device's Emergency Stop Switch.Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare speaking, all industrial machinery/systems must be equipped with a mechanical, manually operate emergency stop switch.Also, for other kinds of systems, similar mechanical switches must be provided to ensure safe operation of those systems.
The Pro-Server EX install disk is a CD-ROM.Never play the CD-ROM on an audio CD player.Unexpected volume can cause hearing problems or speaker damage.
Do not turn off your personal computer's power switch during the execution of a program.It might destroy the project files.
Do not change the contents of this product's project files using the Text Editor software.It might destroy the project files.

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