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This manual explains how to deal with troubles that occurred while using GP-Pro EX or errors caused while in the field. It also introduces how to operate Offline Mode, useful for maintenance in the field. Please refer to this manual when you encounter a problem.

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Introduction    (Please make sure to read this.)

Table Of Contents

1. Troubleshooting    Read this manual to solve a problem.
  1.1 Identifying the problem
  1.2 Problems with PC operation
  1.3 Problems with Display operation
  1.4 Problems with communication with connected devices
  1.5 Problems with communication with I/O units
  1.6 Errors displayed on a PC
  1.7 Display-related errors
  1.8 Errors displayed with an expansion unit
  1.9 Errors displayed by Internet Explorer
  1.10 Errors displayed when the project converter is used
  1.11 If the problem still continues...

2. Maintenance    All about Display Screen
  2.1 Operations possible in offline mode
  2.2 Offline Mode
  2.3 Display screen settings
  2.4 Peripheral Device Settings
  2.5 Ethernet Settings
  2.6 Password and license settings
  2.7 Initialization of the Memory/CF Card
  2.8 Operation Check of the Display
  2.9 Operation (Communication) Check of the Logic Functions
  2.10 Controller Settings
  2.11 Video Display Adjustment/Check
  2.12 Screen Transfer from GP-Pro EX
  2.13 Restarting the IPC unit and detaching a device
(Only when the panel computer is used)


Remote Viewer settings


Offline Settings Guide

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