4.2 Project Converter - Using

  1. From your computer's [Start] menu, select [GP-Pro EX *.*] - [GP-Pro EX *.*] (*.* indicates version), and click [Project Converter].

  2. The Project Converter window opens and the [Project Converter] dialog box appears.
    For [Convert From]type, select [Project File(*.PRW)].

    • To convert [Pro-Control Editor] files, select [Logic File(*.wll)]. To convert partial program files (*.wlp) or subroutine program files (*.wlf), you need to use GP-PRO/PBIII to save the files in Project File format (*.prw), then open them in the Project Converter.

    • To convert a project (*.lte) from the LT editor, in GP-PRO/PBIII save it as a *.prw file to enable conversion.

    • To convert GP-Pro/PBIII library files and mark library files, select either [Library File(*.cpw)] or [Mark Library File(*.mrk)].

  3. In the [Convert From] field, select a GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows project file (*.prw). [Browse]. Click to select the project file (for example, "AManufacturing System.prw"), then click [Open (O)] to view the file in the [Convert From] field.

  4. [Convert To File]. Select a GP-Pro EX project file. [Browse] Click the button, enter a new [File Name] (Ex. "AManufacturingSystem.prw"), and click [Save]. A new project file is selected in [Convert-To].

    • If a [Convert-To] file already exists, you are prompted to keep or overwrite this file.

    • When converting a GP-PRO/PBIII mark library file (*.mrk), specify the GP-Pro EX mark library file (*.mak) in the [Convert-To] folder.

  5. Click [Convert] to start conversion.


  6. After conversion, the [Save As] dialog box appears. [File name]. Define the file name and click [Save] to save the converted content to a CSV file. [Cancel] option returns to the [Project Converter] dialog box without saving the conversion information in a CSV file.

  7. In the [Project Converter] dialog box, click [Close] to exit.

    • To use the converted library file in a project file, you need to register it as a package.
      8.10.3 Registering Parts/Drawings from a Project in a New Package

    • The Project File is created using the Project Converter version. A warning message may appear when you open project data whose version does not match the GP-Pro EX version you are using. As long as the GP-Pro EX version is later, you can edit without any issues. Select [OK] and edit.
      You can check the version of the Project Converter by right-clicking the title bar and selecting [Project Converter Version Information].


Converting the Destination in the GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows "CF Card Data Output Folder"

When converting a project file (*.prw) with a CF Card Data Output Folder, in Convert-To you are prompted to define the CF Card Data Output Folder.

Select the appropriate folder (for example, "Database") and click [OK].

[New Folder (N)] creates a reference folder in the selected location.