8.10.3 Registering Parts/Drawings from a Project in a New Package

All base screens of the project file are registered as a new Package at once. One screen is registered as one object.

This is convenient for a package registration when converting GP-PRO PBIII for Windows library files (*.cpw) to GP-Pro EX files.

  1. Open the [Package] window and select the [Import from project].

  2. The [Import from project] dialog box appears. Select the project to register as a package.

  3. Type the Package name to be registered in the [Package Name].

  4. Click [Register] to register a Package.

    • You cannot register a base screen with no parts.

    • You can register up to 200 objects in a single Package. Registers base screens from a small number and after the number reaches to 200 no more base screens will be registered.