7.8 Using Device/PLC Tags

You can access a device using a tag configured on the device/PLC.

To use a tag for the device/PLC, import tag data into GP-Pro EX.

You can use the same tag names and data format used in the device/PLC for the imported tags for data collection (sampling), D-Script/Global D-Script and others.

For models that support Siemens AG's TIA Portal, please go to the Proface website.

What is Tag?

Tag is a name you assign to an address of device/PLC. It is also called "variable" or "symbol" depending on the manufacture of the device/PLC.

You must configure the tag using a configuration tool on the device/PLC. GP-Pro EX can import tag names up to 255 characters (single and double-byte characters combined).

Supported drivers

When any of the following series is set up in the [System Settings], [Device/PLC] node, you can use the Import Tag function. Refer to the Pro-face website for the latest information.




Tag Data

Beckhoff Automation GmbH


TwinCAT TPY File (.tpy)

CoDeSys Automation Alliance

CoDeSys V3 Ethernet

CoDeSys Symbol File (.xml)

Siemens AG


SIMATIC S7 Ethernet

TIA Portal Ethernet

Project file (.S7P)

Project file (.ap**)*1

Mitsubishi Electric

iQ-R/F Ethernet (SLMP Client)

Global label file (.csv)

SAE International


User defined PGN file (*.csv)

*1 "**" indicates the TIA Portal version. Refer to the "GP-Pro EX Device Connection Manual" for supported versions.

Data Types You Can Import

The tag data types you can import to GP-Pro EX depend on the driver you are using.

Please refer to the "Supported Devices" section in the corresponding "GP-Pro EX Device/PLC Connection Manual".

7.8.1 Procedure - Using Device/PLC Tags