4G Cellular Settings

NOTE: When using the following system version of the product, or when the Cellular icon is unavailable in the Launcher, download the latest version of the PS6000 and FP6000 Series Utility from the following URL and install by following the instructions.

System Version :
OS Base : 2.0 or lower
OS Patch : None

You can check the system version from the Launcher. Refer to System .

  1. To restore the factory default setting, in the location below, click the file 4gCellular_FactoryReset.
    Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\Utilities\4gCellularControl\4gCellular_FactoryReset
    After setup is complete, a message will display. After shutting down the system, restart the product.
  2. Start the Launcher and touch the Cellular icon.
  3. Touch the down arrow.
  4. Configure the APN Settings . As specified by the SIM card provider, enter the APN address, authentication type, user name and password. Select a Network type .
  5. To lock the SIM, set Lock On . In the following screen, enter a 4 to 8 digit number.
    • To prevent the SIM card from being stolen, we recommend locking the SIM.

    • The PIN Code is also required to release the SIM lock. Make a note so you do not forget the code.

    • If you enter the wrong PIN Code 3 times, contact the SIM card provider for a PUK code. If you enter the wrong PUK Code and use up all the allowed attempts, the SIM card can no longer be used.

  6. Turn Cellular On and close the screen.

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