RAID Configuration with Intel® Rapid Storage Technology

  • In case of data corruption, we recommend preparing recovery media.

  • For information on working with Intel® Rapid Storage Technology, refer to the application online help.

  • If you configure RAID with M.2 SSD 128 GB and the M.2 SSD 128 GB needs to be replaced, replace it with the same type, M.2 SSD 128 GB. If Standard Endurance was used before, use Standard Endurance; if High Endurance was used before, use High Endurance.

  1. From the Start menu, start up Intel® Rapid Storage Technology.
  2. Select Create a custom volume.
  3. Select Volume Type and then click Next .
  4. Select the disk, then click Next .
  5. Select Create Volume .
  6. The following screen displays, but the data is still migrating. Select OK and check the progress shown on the screen. When data migration is complete, the progress indicator disappears.
  7. Confirm that the progress indicator has disappeared, and restart this product.

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