Independent Grounding

Always ground the FG/PE terminal. Be sure to separate this product from the FG/PE of other devices as shown below.

  1. This product

  2. Other equipment


  • Check that the grounding resistance is 100 Ω or less.*1

  • The FG/PE wire should have a cross sectional area 2 mm2 (AWG 14) or greater*1. Create the connection point as close to this product as possible, and make the wire as short as possible. When using a long grounding wire, replace the thin wire with a thicker wire, and place it in a duct.

  • The SG (signal ground) and FG (frame ground) terminals are connected internally in this product. When connecting the SG line to another device, be sure that no ground loop is formed.

*1 Observe local codes and standards.

Common Grounding

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can be created if devices are improperly grounded. EMI can cause loss of communication. If independent grounding is not possible, use a common grounding point as shown in the configuration below. Do not use any other configuration for common grounding.

Correct grounding

  1. This product

  2. Other equipment

Incorrect grounding

  1. This product

  2. Other equipment

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