Power Supply Precautions

  • Install and fasten this product in an installation panel or cabinet prior to connecting power supply and communication lines.
  • Securely attach power cables to an installation panel or cabinet.
  • Avoid excessive force on the power cable.
Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious injury.

Improving Noise/Surge Resistance

  • This product’s power cord should not be bundled with or kept close to main circuit lines (high voltage, high current), power lines, or input/output lines, and their various systems should be kept separate. When power lines cannot be wired via a separate system, use shielded cables for input/output lines.

  • Make the power cord as short as possible, and be sure to twist the ends of the wires together (i.e. twisted pair cabling) from close to the power supply unit.

  • If there is an excess amount of noise on the power supply line, connect a noise reducing transformer, noise filter, or other before turning on the power.

  • Connect a surge protection device to handle power surges.

  • To increase noise resistance, attach a ferrite core to the power cable.

Power Supply Connections

  • When supplying power to this product, connect the power as shown below.

    1. Main power

    2. This product

    3. Other unit

  • The following shows a surge protection device connection:

    1. Lightning

    2. Lightning rod

    3. Ground

    4. This product

    5. Provide adequate distance

    6. Surge protection device

  • Attach a surge protection device to prevent damage to this product as a result of a lightning induced power surge from a large electromagnetic field generated from a direct lightning strike.

    We also strongly recommend to connect the crossover grounding wire of this product to a position close to the ground terminal of the surge protection device.

    It is expected that there will be an effect on this product due to fluctuations in grounding potential when there is a large surge flow of electrical energy to the lightning rod ground at the time of a lightning strike. Provide adequate distance between the lightning rod grounding point and the surge protection device grounding point.

  • If the voltage variation is outside the prescribed range, connect a regulated power supply.

    1. Regulated power supply

    2. Twisted-pair cord

    3. This product

  • Select a power supply low in noise for between the line and ground. If there is an excessive amount of noise, connect an insulating transformer. Use insulating transformers with capacities exceeding the maximum power consumption, including that of the Box Module. Refer to Electrical Specifications.

    1. Insulating transformer

    2. Twisted-pair cord

    3. This product

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