Connecting the DC Power Cord

DC Power Connector: Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks

Connection Wire
+ 24 Vdc
- 0 Vdc
FG Grounded terminal connection to the panel chassis.

How to connect the DC Power Cord

  1. Confirm the power cord is not connected to the power supply.
  2. Crimp a pin terminal properly to the end of each power cable wire.
  3. Push the opening button with a small and flat screwdriver to open the desired pin hole.
  4. Insert each power cord wire into its corresponding hole. Release the opening button to clamp the wire in place.
    • When using stranded wire, do not short with neighboring wires.

    • When connecting with stranded wires, do not solder the stranded wires.

    • If the wire is not inserted into the FG terminal properly, touch may not respond normally.

    • Using the PE terminal is unnecessary.

    1. Power cord

    2. Opening button

    3. Screw

  5. After inserting all three power cord wires, insert the DC power connector into the power connector on this product.
  6. Affix the screws on both sides of the connector.
    NOTE: The necessary torque is 0.5 N•m (4.4 lb-in).

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