Advanced Box

Bottom (with PCI/PCIe slot and Fan kit)
A. VESA mount screw hole*1 K. Ethernet 1
B. Maintenance hatch L. Ethernet 2
C. Power button M. USB 3.0 (Type A)*3
D. Storage access LED N. USB 2.0 (Type A)*3
E. Status LED O. COM (RS-232C, not isolated)
F. Security lock slot*2 P. Optional interface slot 1
G. Power connector Q. Optional interface slot 2
H. PE terminal (used for AC model only) R. PCI/PCIe card slot 1 *4
I. USB 3.0 (Type C) S. PCI/PCIe card slot 2 *4
J. DisplayPort T. FAN kit

*1 This product can be mounted to commercially available monitor arms that comply with the VESA standard (100 x 100 mm). Use four M4 screws (valid screw depth: 8 mm [0.31 in]). The necessary torque is 0.7 to 0.8 N•m (6.2 to 7.1 lb-in).
VESA mounting is not UL certified.
VESA mounting is not possible when the PCI/PCIe slot is installed.

*2 Only Kensington lock supported. Slot size 3 x 7 mm (0.12 x 0.28 in).

*3 USB storage devices that support USB 3.0 are recommended. Use the USB 3.0 port to connect the storage devices.

*4 For PCI/PCIe slot configuration, refer to Expansion Slot Installation.

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