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Connection Configuration Document Report
-> Please choose "reference data" from the following list.

-- Attention --
- Since there are cautions, restrictions, etc., please be sure to confirm "Reference Data" for details.
- Respective link unit, specific connection option, specific cable, etc. are needed for each connection.

: Enabled   : Supports the 3X50 series, the GP3X00 series only
: Need to download the new driver  : Disabled   : Not evaluated

Linkunit I/F Protocol GP2000 Series GP3000 Series reference data
1:1 1:n n:1 1:1 1:n n:1
Modbus Port on CPU unit RS-232C Modbus (MASTER)
ok ng ng ng ng ng reference data
Modbus Plus Port on CPU unit Modbus Plus Modbus Plus
ok ok ok ng ng ng reference data

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