5.4.6 System Settings [Display Unit] - [System Area] Settings Guide


Specify a device/PLC.

System Area Settings

Select the device/PLC to specify the system data area.

System Data Area

Set the system data area.

System Area Start Address

Designate the start address used for the system area.

Read Area Size

Set up the Read Area size (0 to 256 words) used to store data that is used commonly in all screens and trend graph block display data.

  • Cannot be specified when a device/PLC is connected with the memory link method.

Enable System Data Area

Set whether or not to enable the system data area.

System Data Area availability depends on the device/PLC. Refer to the "GP-Pro EX Device/PLC Manual" for more information.

System Data Area Items

Set the system data area items to use. For details of the direct access method, refer to A.1.1.2 System Data Area (Direct Access Method), and for the memory link method, refer to A.1.2.2 System Data Area (Memory Link).

Number of Words in Use

Displays the total number of words for the items specified to the system data area.

Watchdog Settings

Monitors the communication state of the display unit and device/PLC.

The display unit writes "00FF" to the PLC word address when the defined time elapses. The PLC then confirms that "00FF" was written successfully and that communication is still open.

Watchdog Timer Settings

Set the watchdog's monitoring cycle time from 0 to 65,535.

Watchdog Write Address

Set the write address for the watchdog.


Enable Multilink

Specify whether or not to use Serial Multilink.

This feature cannot be used depending on the driver. For details about serial multilink, please refer to the "GP-Pro EX Device/PLC Manual".

Station Number

Set the display unit's multilink station number.


Specify the address for storing communication information. This uses two words from the specified address.

In N:1/N:M (Multilink) connections, the specified two words are delivered first. The communication information consists of the list of connected stations and the list of added stations. Each list has a purpose and is mapped to a PLC data register or to the data memory.


Operation Priority

Select which to prioritize, [Display] or [Operation].

Monopolize Touch Panel

Set up for special operations that restrict operations on other display units.

Cancel Monopoly After

When using Monopolize Touch Panel and no operations are run on the display unit for the time set here, monopolization of operations is canceled and the other display units are unlocked.