GP-Pro EX Device/PLC Connection Manual
Important: Prior to reading the Device/PLC Connection manual
Be sure to refer to the GP-Pro EX Device/PLC Connection manual when you are connecting a manufacturer's Device/PLC to the Display unit, and using that manufacturer's Connection Manual.
- Preface : for trademark rights, list of units supported, how to read manuals and documentation conventions.
Communication Method: Communication with External Devices (Direct Access method or Memory Link method), LS Area (Direct Access method) and System Area (Memory Link method [When Memory Link drivers and General Ethernet drivers are used]).
Serial Multilink : Settings to connect two or more Display Units with 1 PLC via Serial.
- Ethernet Multilink : 1 master Display Unit and up to 16 slave Display Units can be connected with 1 PLC simultaneously via Ethernet. For details, refer to "Device/PLC Communication" in GP-Pro EX Reference Manual.
GP3000H Series : How to Set Communication between GP3000H Series and External Device.
Pass-Through Function : for the system requirements, how to use.
Device Data Copy Tool : for the system requirements, how to use.
  • To make the communication settings correctly, confirm the serial interface specifications of Display unit for [SIO Type].
    We cannot guarantee the operation if a communication type that the serial interface does not support is specified.
    For details concerning the serial interface specifications, refer to the manual for Display unit.
  • When an External Device is sending a packet at the start-up of the Display if the low communication speed such as "2400" is specified for [Speed], the parity error may occur.
  • To make the Ethernet communication settings, avoid setting of [8000 to 8019] for the port number of the Display unit. The Display unit's system uses [8000 to 8019] in the initial status.
    The port number that the system uses can be specified in [Ethernet Local Settings] in the Offline Mode. For details, refer to [Ethernet Local Settings] in Maintenance/Troubleshooting.
  • Display Scan Time required to process a screen is influenced by the following factors.
    Check Display Scan Time with the internal device LS2036 for the direct access type and with 2036 for the memory link type.
    - Number of parts and Common Settings (Number of Alarms and Samplings)
    - Presence or absence of access from the network function (e.g. Pro-Server EX) and access amount.
    - Number of Ethernet connection devices and number of Ethernet communication driver to be used in Display.
    When Display Scan Time is delayed, display response may be delayed and Display may miss the alarm.
    Build the system according to the performance to be required.

    Total number of the recommended Ethernet connection device varies depending on the number of the Ethernet communication driver to be used.
    Displays that can be simultaneously connected with 4 drivers (Max.):
    - When the number of the Ethernet communication driver is "1", up to 32 units can be connected.
    - When the number of the Ethernet communication driver is "2", up to 16 units can be connected.
    - When the number of the Ethernet communication driver is "3" or "4", up to 8 units can be connected.
    Displays that can be simultaneously connected with 2 drivers (Max.):
    - When the number of the Ethernet communication driver is "1", up to 16 units can be connected.
    - When the number of the Ethernet communication driver is "2", up to 4 units can be connected.

    For the number of drivers with which Display can make communication simultaneously, refer to "Supported Features" of "GP-Pro EX Reference Manual."
  • When WinGP and other applications are running on IPC or PC/AT compatible units, enter a [Timeout] value larger than the time required by the other applications. If not, a timeout error or receive data error may occur.
Device/PLC Connection Manual
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