GP-Pro EX Ver.2.2 Reference Manual
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When linking to the PDF file from Internet Explorer using Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, a message displays on the Information Bar. To open the PDF manual, click the message displayed on the Information Bar, and then select [Download File].
How To Use This Manual
The GP-Pro EX manual is mainly as follows.
Manual Name Contents
Reference Manual Manual that describes GP-Pro EX operations and details about each feature.
Maintenance/Troubleshooting Guide Manual that describes errors that occur while using GP-Pro EX and how to troubleshoot them.
Hardware Manual Manual that describes hardware specifications and the installation process for display units.
Device/PLC Manual Manual that describes how to connect the GP to devices/PLCs from various manufacturers.
Chapter Structure
Each chapter in the Reference Manual is structured as below.
How to Use the Reference Manual
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