38.1.4 Differences with Display Unit - WinGP

The following are differences when compared with the GP-3500 Series.


GP-3500 Series


Number of parts on one screen

Up to 1024

Up to 2000

Number of addresses on one screen

Up to 1152

Up to 3000

Number of Alarm History Records

Up to 768

Up to 10000

Number of registered alarm messages

Up to 2048 *1
(when expanded: 32767)

Up to 10000
(when expanded: 65533)

Max data volume that can be saved to backup memory (SRAM)

320 KB


*1 You can register up to 2048 alarm messages, including [Bit Monitoring] and [Word Monitoring] for the whole Alarm History (Block 1 to 8). For [Word Monitoring], you can register up to 768 alarm messages.

*2 Volume when saving data to a defined path (or specified folder location) as an alternative to backup memory (SRAM).

Features not available in WinGP

Features available only in WinGP

The [Start application] switch to start other applications and the [Exit WinGP] switch to exit WinGP are available.

Start other applications (EXE operation).Exit WinGP (Exit WinGP operation).

Start other applications (EXE operation). Exit WinGP (Exit WinGP operation).

The API can read and write to a connected device/PLC that is connected to the display unit.

The API obtains the WinGP state from the third party software tools and changes the settings.

Saves the error summary displayed during WinGP communication in a file.

To show this menu, right-click in the window. You can switch screens, switch modes between offline and online, maximize the window to full screen, minimize it, and exit the window from this menu.