M.17.2.7 Main Unit - Ethernet settings

Adjust the settings for the Ethernet connection.

Local Name

To specify the node name used for the network, enter up to 32 single-byte characters.


Specify the port number (5001 to 65516). Twenty consecutive port numbers starting from the specified port number are used. However, when the display unit is showing the forced transfer screen, the port number is fixed to 8000.

Primary DNS / Secondary DNS

When using the e-mail feature, configure the DNS server IP address.


Set IP Address and MAC address of LAN port.

If the display unit has multiple LAN ports as shown below, set each LAN port.

To check which models support EZ LAN Adapter, refer to the following.
1.5 Supported Features

The following screen displays when [LAN] is selected.

IP Address

Sets up the display unit's IP address. The IP address is 32 bits and entered in four 8-bit units, entered in decimal.

Subnet Mask

Sets the subnet mask. If you are not using a subnet mask, enter [0].


Sets up the gateway IP address. If you are not using a gateway, enter 0. Only a single gateway can be set up.

MAC Address

Displays the display unit's MAC address.

Auto Recognition

Select whether to automatically adjust to the speed and communication format of the connected node. When automatic recognition is disabled, you must set up the [Speed Settings] and [Duplex] manually.

Speed Settings

If you disable [Auto Recognition], select the network speed from either [100M] or [10M].

Duplex Settings

If [Auto Recognition] is disabled, select the network communication format from either [Half] or [Full].