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Title Flex Network Driver
(2 Channel Analog/Digital Conversion Unit / 2 Channel Digital/Analog Conversion Unit)
File Name CF_64PS.exe
File Size 2,094 KB (CF_64PS.exe)
2,023 KB (LF_64PS.exe)
Description Flex Network Driver

- Editor: Ver. 1.60
- GLC2300 Series: Ver. 1.20
- GLC2400 Series: Ver. 1.40
- GLC2500 Series: Ver. 1.40
- GLC2600 Series: Ver. 1.40
- LT Series: Ver. 1.50
Main Units

GLC Series Units:
- GLC2300 Series :GLC2300-TC41-24V, GLC2300-LG41-24V
- GLC2400 Series:GLC2400-TC41-24V
- GLC2500 Series:GLC2500-TC41-24V, GLC2500-TC41-200V
- GLC2600 Series:GLC2600-TC41-24V, GLC2600-TC41-200V
LogiTouch Series Units:
- LT Type B+ :GLC150-BG41-XY32KF-24V
- LT Type B :GLC150-BG41-FLEX-24V
- LT Type C :GLC150-BG41-RSFL-24V
- LT Color Type B+ :GLC150-SC41-XY32KF-24V
Editor Software

LogiTouch Editor: GLCLT-ED01W-V20
Flex Network
I/O Units
- Single-axis Positioning: FN-PC10SK41

- High-speed Counter: FN-HC10SK41
- 16-Point Input Sink/Source: FN-X16TS41, FN-X16TS11
- 8-Point Input Sink/Source, 8-Point Transistor Output Sink: FN-XY08TS41
- 8-Point Relay Output/1 Common: FN-Y08RL41
- 16-Point Output Sink: FN-Y16SK41
- 16-Point Output Source: FN-Y16SC41
- 2 Channel Analog/Digital Conversion: FN-AD02AH41 *
- 2 Channel Digital/Analog Conversion: FN-DA02AH41 *
- 4 Channel Analog/Digital Conversion: FN-AD04AH11
- 4 Channel Digital/Analog Conversion: FN-DA04AH11
- 32-Point Input Sink/Source: FN-X32TS41*
- 16-Point Input Sink/Source, 16-Point Transistor Output Sink: FN-XY16SK41 *
- 16-Point Input Sink/Source, 16-Point Transistor Output Source: FN-XY16SC41 *
- 32-Point Input Sink/Source, 32-Point Transistor Output Sink: FN-XY32SKS41 *

*GLC100 and GLC300 series units do not support FN-X32TS41, FN-XY16SK41 and FN-XY16SC41 units.
Update Description

1. Correspondence with the 2 Channel Analog/Digital Conversion unit.
2. Correspondence with the 2 Channel Digital/Analog Conversion unit.

Prior to Installation
Prior to installing the Flex Network Driver, close all applications, including any background programs such as virus detection, etc.

Installation (This file is self-extracting.)
1. Click on the above File Name to download data to the desired folder.
2. After the download is finished, double-click on the file to open it.
3. Click on the [OK] button or press the [Enter] key. When the message window appears, click on [NEXT]. The [Setup Type] window will then appear.
4. Follow the installation instructions as they appear on the screen.

*1 When installing this software on a PC using WindowsNT(R) , Windows(R)2000 or Windows(R)XP, you need to have administrator level access rights.
*2 When reinstalling the editor, please install these drivers again.

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