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 Weekly Timer

This is the sample to realize weekly timer with LT Series. I/O can be turned ON/OFF according to the preset schedule.




This project file is a multi-channel weekly timer that operates based on pre-registered schedules. The target hardware is the LT Series that turns on/off the inputs and outputs.

- The timer per channel is provided at a very low price.
- Schedules can be set easily on the touch panel display.
- This project file is designed to coexist with the user’s screens.
- The season function allows up to four seasons to be set and schedules can be set for each season.
- The output state of each channel can be checked.
- The ON/OFF state can be controlled for the timer function.
- Setting data can be saved in USB storage. Schedules can be used for other LT Series as they are.

* LT-4301TM and LT-3300T support this functionality.
* Software GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.10.00 or later is required. Ver. 3.12.000 or later is required for LT4000M Series.
* We do not guarantee that the operation of this sample will be uninterrupted or error-free.

Download a sample program file and detailed description.

Download this sample application!
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