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This screen sample project file realizes the multi-counter/timer system which functions in LT series.



- While a display (5.7-inch type) and a control are integrated in one unit to be compact, up to 8 counters/timers can be operated in parallel. Due to this, a cost for one counter can be lowered.
- The multi-counter is a three-stage preset counter which determines a pre-forecast value, a forecast value, and an M/C stop value. The counter can be used for a production counter and a predictive maintenance of a facility.
- The 5.7-inch type color display allows a user to perform various settings and the monitoring operation easily.
- Multi languages are supported which can be used in other countries than Japan.
- The screen sample project file is based on a programmable display from Digital Electronics Corporation. Therefore, screens can be customized using screen editor software "GP-Pro EX". Specifications can be added and modified in accordance with customer's usage.
- Ethernet I/F is installed with a standard specification. The current status can be monitored with a PC and a mobile terminal. (This may need customization.)

* LT-4301TM DIO model and LT-3300T support this functionality.
* The screen sample project file is created for LT-4301TM. To use the screen sample project file for other models than LT-4301TM, model conversion is required. To use the screen sample project file for LT-3000 series, the I/O must be allocated once again.
* The screen sample project file is created so as to be displayed appropriately with LT-4301TM. In some sections, a function which cannot be used for LT3000 series is used. In that case, parts for LT3000 series are arranged outside of the display frame on the screen.
* Software GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.12.00 or later is required.
* We do not guarantee that the operation of this sample will be uninterrupted or error-free.

Download a sample program file and detailed description.

Download this sample application!
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