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 Servo Nutrunner Connection

You can connect GP4000 series to the servo nutrunner master control unit “ENRZ-MU50” made by Estic Corporation via Ethernet (Modbus TCP) and serial communication.

Supported Model
Estic Corporation Servo Nutrunner Master Control Unit "ENRZ-MU50-□□□"
  1. Various MU50 information can be monitored without using specific PC software.
  2. The servo nut runner AU50 and servo press SPU50, which are connected to the MU50 can be operated from GP.
  3. Display Tightening Result/Pressing Result list and details
  4. Torque curve when tightening and Pressure curve when pressing can be displayed.
  5. The system setting and parameters can be changed for MU50、AU50、SPU50. The details of various parameters can also be displayed.
  6. The alarm detail can be displayed when occurring to help the primary response.

* GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.12.000 or higher is required.
* GP4401T series support this functionality.
* This sample project is designed for the servo nutrunner master control unit's firmware version "MA1430" or later. For the details, please contact Estic Corporation.

We do not guarantee that the operation of this sample will be uninterrupted or error-free.

Download the sample program file and detailed description (PDF file).

Download this sample application!
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