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JPCN-1 I/F Unit  - GP070-JC11
CC-Link I/F Unit  - GP077-CL11
Multi-Unit E  - GP077-MLTE41
Multi-Unit E (GP-377RT)  - GP377R-MLTE41
Multi-Unit S  - GP077-MLTS11
T Link I/F Unit  - GP450-ZB21
VM (Video Mix) Unit  - GP2000-VM41

RS-422 Connector Terminal Adapter  - GP070-CN10-O
GP2000H Series for RS-232C  - GP2000H-AP232
GP2000H Series for RS-422  - GP2000H-AP422
GP-H70 Series for RS-232C  - GPH70-AP232
GP-H70 Series for RS-422  - GPH70-AP422
GP3000H Conversion Adapter  - AGP300H-ADPCOM-01
Wall Mount Adapter (for GP3000H)  - GP3000H-WMA-01

2-port Adapter II
for Mitsubishi PLC A/Q/FX Series  - GP070-MD11

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